My course is for wedding photographers who want to take back 10+ hours a week by automating their workflow.

The Ultimate
Wedding Workflow Course


You ready to take back your time!?

I feel like I have to sacrifice dinner with my family or weekends with my friends because if I don’t do this work, my business will fail and my clients will suffer 

I write a new to-do list every day and my computer is covered in sticky notes — I constantly feel unorganized

I want to help all my clients equally, but I’m overwhelmed at the thought of doing that for all 25 of my wedding clients. I don’t want to be working all the time. 

I have so many tasks to do for each client that some fall through the cracks, causing me to look unprofessional 


THE DAYS ARE OVER OF feeling overwhelmed with so many tasks you don't even know where to start. Let's assemble your backend, automate it, and then apply the steps to take back your time.

Take back up to 10+ hours PER WEEK



I wanted to fill a void that was missing in the community. There's so much education for wedding photographers on shooting and posing, but not much on the nitty-gritty backend of running a business.

I'm opening the curtains to share EVERY SINGLE STEP, EMAIL, AND QUESTION I ask a wedding couple from inquiry to one year after their wedding day to help you take back your time, make more money and get your ish organized.


This in-depth course is exactly what you've been looking for, and then a whole lot more.

Maybe you've tried to create a workflow before but you keep feeling like you're missing steps, this covers everything you could possibly thing of.

I poured my heart into this course and want you to succeed. I included all of my email, phone call, and  questionnaire templates to make this process QUICK AND SIMPLE.




No more trying to figure out if you're plugging things into your system the right or wrong way, I show you exactly how to apply the system yourself.

With 24/7 access to a private fb group, you can ask any question to get help and support from myself and others who took the course.




This isn't a list of steps i slapped together, this is a "WATCH ME IMPLEMENT IT, THEN YOU CAN TOO" course.

I know, you've tried absolutely everything before this. So why would this course be any different?

- Dani r

"I was on the hunt for a mentor that taught more than just how to take a photo (which Bridge is amazing at btw). I was really looking for a photographer that would help me on the backend, someone who was willing to show what goes on behind the curtain. From learning her workflow and how to automate that for my biz, to learning the process behind her client experience, to tips on how to find a good accountant and become a legal business -- she really covered all the bases. It honestly was just so refreshing and valuable to find someone who was willing to teach about all of the important things that go into running a business as a whole."

"she really covered all the bases."

Using the AAA Method, I'm going to break down exactly how to get 10+ hours of your time back into your life.

First, we'll assemble your backend, then we'll create a workflow and automation, then you'll learn how to apply the steps into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

The AAA Method

so let me tell you more

Learn how to set up a CRM, how to create a contact form to convert, calendar and scheduling system integrations & automations, and organizing every email template, questionnaire, brochure & attachment.

Assemble your backend

module one

Learn every single step I take as a wedding photographer from initial inquiry to one year past a wedding day, and then how to automate the entire process for 30+ clients

Automate your workflow

module two

Learn how to apply your automated workflow into daily, weekly and monthly tasks -- to take back 10+ hours every single week.

Apply the steps

module three

Learn how I create my client gifts & links to every small business & product I invest in to provide my wedding clients with an incredible experience.

Client Gifts


Email Templates Guide (38 emails I use all the time)
Wedding Questionnaire (50+ questions to ask your couples before their big day)
Session Questionnaire (couples/engagements)
Initial Inquiry Call Script to book more weddings
Everything I put in my client welcome packages








cause you're not only getting all that, but you're also getting all these bonuses too.

You didn't think I was just gonna leave you hanging did you?

These guides and templates go hand-in-hand with the workflow course, and i show you how to implement them.

Already have a bomb automated workflow!?

snag the templates and guides seperately

life-time access to the course

unlimited group support

email & questionnaire templates and my call script

I thought of everything and put it all in one magical spot.

Hey you boss babe!! I'm so excited you're here. I want to share everything I've learned in my 5 years of business to help you THRIVE and TRANSFORM your life. 

If you want knitty gritty, non-fluff education to help you see real results, look no further. I can't even wait to help you transform your life & biz!!!

I'm Bridgette, Wedding Photographer & Educator

meet your INSTRUCTOR

I literally would be answering emails at 1am and skipping out on family dinners or drinks with girlfriends because I felt like my business was going to fail. I didn't have enough hours in the day. I needed a system.

Once I created, tweaked and perfected an automated workflow, I found the answer. I was able to take back more time in my week, raise my prices, and successfully offer a kick-ass experience to 30+ wedding clients every year.

Because before i had an automated system i was in exactly your shoes. like for real, and this method changed my life.

Why should you buy a course from me?

Take back 10+ hours per week, ditch the sticky notes, and create an automated system THAT WORKS.


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